February 26, 2009

Sleep With One Eye Open!!

Little miss Ann has a creepy way of sleeping. She looks possessed in this picture! Eric kept on trying to close her eyes but it did not work. They just started popping open further. Silly girl.

I don't know why but seeing her sleeping like this reminded me of a story when Ryan was younger. Maybe if he slept with one eye open terrible things wouldn't have happened! Being the youngest he was naturally a good target. We used to do all kinds of mischievous acts to him! We would pile things on him, put make-up on him,etc. I guess it serves him right for being such a sound sleeper. One of the worst (and funniest) is when the innocent child was snoozing gently on the sofa. I believe it was JoMax's idea to get the dog food and start putting it into his mouth. Am I right on that JoMax? Into his mouth went a few pieces while sweet Ryan slept. Suddenly he sat straight up and started chewing while we all stifled giggles. Then he peacefully laid back down and fell back asleep. To this day I'm sure he'll deny the fact to ever tasting dog food. He might not remember it but we sure do!

Perhaps if he had slept with some pinchers in his hand we would have been more leery in our amusements. Then again, maybe not!

February 25, 2009

Granny Wrestling

February 24, 2009

Ladies and Gentlemen!!

This is for my family (Jody) but I have to share it with you all!! No explanation needed!! Hee hee!!!

Sorry the TV is too loud in the background!!

February 20, 2009

Kitty Kats

Anyone that knows Carlee knows that she LOVES kitties. She likes to meow like a kitty. She likes to drink like a kitty. She even likes to kiss like a kitty. We have to watch out for that tongue! It's just too bad that she is so allergic to kitties.

Here she is playing kitties with grandma.


Such fun!

Nice Kitty!

I'm secretly glad that she is allergic to cats. I would have a hard time saying no to that face! And I SO don't want to take care of a pet! Stuffed animals are A-OK with me.

February 19, 2009

Mommy Treats

On Valentine's Day the kids surprised me with some wonderful goodies! The first one was this rose diffuser. It smells exactly like a bouquet of fresh-cut roses. Ahhh...heavenly. A lot cheaper too, I'm sure!

They also gave me these yummy chocolates. How cute are those chocolate shoes!! Hmmm...might be a good cake topper for a certain girls upcoming b-day. Hee hee! The little purse has (or had!!) chocolate truffles in them. They were delish! Collin wanted me to wear all the earrings at the same time. That's a little hard to do when you only have one hole in each ear!

While the gifts were nice I wasn't expecting them. I told Eric he didn't need to get me anything. He surprised me anyways and took the blame off himself by saying it was from the kids. They were all so sweet. A big thank you to the hubby and the adorable munchkins!

February 10, 2009

Continuing Traditions

Growing up in our

family we had a very

sweet tradition.

The Sugar Cookie!!

I remember how much fun
we would have as a family
creating different styles and
art on our cookies.
For me it was just fun
doing something together.
We even made a few zany
animals that tragically
met horrible accidents
and were covered in blood.
Remember that anyone?
Yeah, we were
crazy but we had fun.

I wanted to keep this fun tradition

alive with my children.

Collin LOVES to decorate
his own little stack of cookies.
Mostly he just piles on the
sprinkles, but hey he is
definitely enjoying sugar
cookie madness.
Little Carlee finally got
into the fun too. This was
her very first frosting
experience. Her take?
So much fun she didn't
want to get down from
the table.

After spending over half an
hour on one teeny tiny little
cookie she decided to just
start digging into the
frosting bowl and eating the
leftovers. She would have
licked it clean if I would
have let her!

So far my kids enjoy this
tradition as much as I do.
I hope we have many more
memories decorating together
and spending quality time
as a family.

February 9, 2009

Sub Zero

Ahhh, eating Sub Zero ice cream in sub zero temps. Okay so it wasn't that cold. It was at least above 0 degrees. Mom, Collin, Carlee and I just had to go experience this ice cream shop for ourselves. Why? Well, if you haven't been there before this is why:

They freeze the ice cream in a bowl right before your eyes. Cool right? The kids thought so. They put their little hands up to feel the cold "steam", laughing as they did so. They had a wide variety of flavors and mix-ins to choose from.

I of course being the chocoholic that I am had to have the dark chocolate flavor. It had a very smooth and creamy texture. Can you say, "DELISH!!"

Collin just had to have chocolate too only he added Oreo cookies to his. He's been complaining that mommy keeps forgetting to buy chocolate ice cream for home.

Little miss Carlee had the same kind as Collin. I wasn't about to have her throw a fit that brother had anything different than her. Do you think she liked it?
Mom got a mixed berry flavor. It looked wonderful. What's the verdict ma?
Carlee's verdict: "Ice cream! Ice cream! Ice cream!" I'll take that as a good verdict.

Collin's verdict: "Yummy!"

We had fun but now I want to go back and try a different flavor!